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Vishal Kandukuri finds a Unique Way in Promoting Research in the Country

31 July 2012 No Comment

Made it possible with V Adept Energy

Everyone speaks but few speak to create an impact to make others realize the ground realities and to sensitize the rest of the world on issues which needed an immediate attention. Here are two such individuals Vishal Kandukuri and Sai Rakesh who are silent contributors to the area of research in the country.

While in a quest to figure out the possible solutions to the factors which can act as roadblocks for any research to progress, Vishal Kandukuri a Mechanical Graduate from the Hyderabad has made an impact along with Sai Rakesh who is his senior at college by establishing an organisation called V Adept Energy which aimed at helping research aspirants and individual innovators.

The story of V Adept Energy began in 2009, where it started with Vishal Kandukuri who looked out for potential opportunities to promote his academic project but was unable to carry out his research for prolonged time due to lack of thrust for the research that he aspired at times.

This triggered a thought in the minds of Vishal Kandukuri and Sai Rakesh who along with other like minded persons has started V Adept Energy organisation on a very informal note. Thus during the course of time, this informally started group evolved as a formal organization with few others lending their support to join.

Before V Adept Energy’s inception, Vishal Kandukuri worked as Chief Operating Officer for a Web Based business development firm in hyderabad during 2008 to 2012. He currently serves on the Board of Directors  and Director of international relations . He manages International Relations, operations and help making strategic decisions in the company. Where as Sai Rakesh is a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Industrial Engineering (PGDIE) from (NITIE), Mumbai. Operations and Supply Chain Management are his major specializations with minors in Marketing.

Founders Speak:

“A country’s development is largely dependent on its ability to innovate and the rate of innovation is purely dependent on the research capabilities that it possesses. Though we boast of huge young population that we currently possess, there is least that has been done to encourage and utilize them to contribute for Nation’s growth. At a higher level, I felt our Indian talent needs to be guided and showcased in a proper manner and should be encouraged to make them help to contribute to the Nation’s Development”, says Vishal Kandukuri who is the CEO and Co-Founder of V Adept Energy.

“Understanding various businesses and developing a concern towards our own society is what I learnt over the years while transforming my selves into a complete man. I always felt, our country needs its people to come forward and do their bit to uplift the country’s development and economical growth which is still being hit by many adversities”, says Sai Rakesh who is currently the Chief Impact Officer for V Adept Energy.

What is V Adept Energy?

V Adept Energy is a Non-Profit Organisation that encourages innovators and future game changers in areas of Physics, Engineering and Renewable energy by providing them with mentorship and possible fund assistance in their respective areas of research.

Vision and Mission:

Its mission is to create awareness and potential opportunities to the aspiring young researchers and innovators in the areas of Physics, Engineering and Renewable energy by raising the funds to propel their research areas of interest.

“We strive forward to create a coherent system where the efforts of young researchers for game changing researches and innovations are complemented by the knowledge of experts in respective research areas and funding capability of Corporate, Individuals and Government agencies “, says Vishal Kandukuri

Why only Physics, Engineering and Renewable Energy?

“Every year, millions of students from our country are passing out from their Engineering and Technological colleges. A very few of them in reality are ending up choosing a career in research after their under graduation or post graduation which is very disappointing for a country with high intellectual values. In particular, the gap of Supply and Demand for research and innovation is clearly visible in the areas of Physics, Engineering and Renewable energy where there is a lot that needs to be done to cater to worlds futuristic needs and to provide a big thrust to nation’s growth”, Says Vishal Kandukuri when asked about their limitation to research fields.

Founders’ contribution to the organisation:

“Currently we are able to support 25 student ideas & individual innovators by way of knowledge mentoring through our organization which we believe can increase to a greater number in near future with our new mission of raising awareness and creating a knowledge pool by sharing of knowledge & mentoring on focused areas. Besides we are making pursuits to expose innovators and aspiring researchers to funding bodies like Government, individuals and companies/industries, where their research can be strongly supported by philanthropic hearts”, says Vishal Kandukuri.

Talking about the challenges he faced, he says, “It was difficult to divide my time between my academics and VAE. The company became a reality at the cost of my studies and health. I would sleep for around four to five hours and didn’t score my desired percentage in my engineering exam”, and quotes ” If you live for yourself the Fire with in you will burn you. If you live for others, your Fire will become Light in others Life. You will be valued as a Leader”.

Challenges in the Journey:

As every organization faces difficulties during its initial days, VAE is no exception. Vishal Kandukuri and Sai rakesh had to overcome many difficulties before he comes up with a realization of having an organization to help research aspirants.

There was a period during the initial days when research ideas from students started approaching VAE to seek their help in mentoring, Vishal then decided to lead the organisational mission of providing knowledge mentorship by mentoring few research ideas himself that have come to his rescue besides handling day to day organizational activities in creating the basic word of awareness on the organization. “Reaching to the right individuals who can mentor still lies as a challenge and we will be able to overcome this when more philanthropists join their hands to support this cause”, says Vishal Kandukuri.

Sai besides reaching to individuals who can help the innovating ideas also had to take care of addressing organisational issues.

It is from the strong will of these two young lads through which the organization has taken a shape and they had to shed their pockets to meet the basic day to day expenses to spread the word about their organisation.

“V Adept Energy helped us to bring forth our electrically run hybrid automated vehicle prototype into a reality” says Shiva Kumar a research enthusiast from a local university in Hyderabad who was benefited by VAE’s mentorship program.

“Every day is a new day for us with a new challenge to confront and every time we are learning to rise successfully to combat our challenges”, says Sai Rakesh when asked about how they face frequent challenges while striving for organisation sustenance.

To encourage research activities in areas of Physics, Engineering and Renewable energy on a continuous note and to help their bit to boost nation’s growth on innovation front, VAE is making pursuits to seek help from all the stakeholders of the Society. Students and other enthusiasts are also welcomed to join hands with VAE to volunteer in their free time to help them organise their events as well as to mentor the research projects that approach VAE by enrolling themselves as research mentors .

A unique venture of its nature, V Adept Energy has found its roots firmly on the ground with the efforts of these two young lads from the pearl city of Hyderabad that is creating ripples in serious arena of research.

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